We see that education is a vital tool in understanding the impacts of social media,  we look to implement an educational platform teaching about the effects of social media.


To conduct clinical studies about the effects of social media, directly and indirectly,  The impact on family and personal relations and business environment.


we look to work with mental health facilities and partner with schools to teach about mental health and social media and it’s impacts.


We see that social media causes a sense of social discomfort and we look to alter the thinking towards those using social media negatively and to get those promoting a false lifestyle to understand its long term and short term effects.


look to partner with corporate America and major companies to implement discussions based on our research showing how social media affects the work place.


SMDD Is a new Disorder  created by  Jonathan N Bertrand after seven years of research and study in the field of social media behavior in developing the social media Awareness Industry ( Trademark Pending )

Starting The Conversation

Our organization’s primary objective is to bring awareness of the Perils of Social Media. The key elements we intend on exploring are listed above. We are currently building a platform to introduce these components to the Educational system and to the Business World.  Even though this venture has been challenging and will take a great amount of research and dedication…YOU (Society) are worth it. Social Media affects EVERYONE.  Support Today