Jonathan N Bertrand

Our Founder

Jonathan N. Bertrand is the founder of the Global Touch Foundation Inc. and creator of The Social Networking Effect ®.Jonathan was born in Orlando, FL. He currently attends Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, FL. where his field of study is Marketing/Public Relations. In December 2012 he ran an anti-bullying campaign with Lexton Cage of Orlando, FL. Jonathan received Congressional recognition for his outstanding and valuable service to his community on December 11th of that same month. Jonathan attended Maynard Evans High School in Orlando, Fl. and graduated with the class of 2014. Being raised in a Middle/Upper-class family, his morals and expectations were high. While attending high school, MovementJonathan was bullied because he dressed for success which wasn’t well received among his peers. Eventually, this image led to being bullied. Jonathan slipped into depression and became an introvert. After graduation, he realized his calling was to help others in similar situations. In November of 2014 “The Social Networking Effect” What’s Your A movement was created. The purpose of this movement is to generate awareness of the side effects of social media. In December 2015 The Global Touch Foundation was formed. The foundation is a Non-Profit organization designed to promote five areas of study, they are EDUCATION, RESEARCH, MENTAL & PHYSICAL HEALTH, AND POLICY. Through his dedication to the movement, Jonathan has secured a Google Grant of $4.5 million for advertising. His audience extends as far as Dubai. Currently he as generated interests in 27 countries with an audience of 2.26 million people to date.Jonathan is the youngest person to be selected as a representative speaker for the National Council of Behavioral Health. Bertrand is a pioneer of Social Media Awareness and introduces various new terms such as his “Triple Conscious Theory” and ” Social Media Dependency Disorder”. His ultimate goal is to develop an educational platform and offer it to ALL educational institutions, workplace environments, and the United States military. You can follow Jonathan at