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In an increasingly connected world, I strive to be a visionary entrepreneur and humanitarian. As the founder of the Global Touch Foundation Inc., and creator of The Social Networking Effect ®, I am busily pioneering what is sure to be an ever-evolving field: Social Media Awareness. The primary objective of The Social Networking Effect® LLC (TSNE) is to bring awareness to the perils of Social Media, such Social Media Dependency Disorder, and The Triple Conscious Theory1.The Global Touch Foundation Inc., a non-profit, is forging a new awareness and providing information and resources to those impacted by social media and mental health. We will provide in-depth research, speaking engagements, and scholarship opportunities.


Focusing on research, education, and health, I’ve made it my mission to change the ways we interact with, and through, social media platforms. With nearly a decade of development, my innovative undertaking has already reached nearly 2 million lives and continues to grow.


Through my dedication to the movement, I’ve secured a Google Grant of $4.5 million dollars for advertising,    with initial expenditures from June 1st, 2016 through February 26th, 2017. With an audience delivering over 2.26 million impressions, we have utilized $71,600 so far to promote social media awareness. Additionally, I organized the highly successful 2014 Social Networking Effect Campaign, which raised $20,000 to directly benefit the movement. The innovative campaign led to six endorsements, two county partnerships, and a class of twenty-five students successfully completing our summer social media course. Additionally, we’ve traveled as far as Brazil, where we were successful in gaining an additional sponsor.


Endorsed by Mental Health News Radio2, my message has been heard in 20 different countries. I am the youngest person to be selected as a representative speaker for the National Council of Behavioral Health, and I will be presenting a session called: “How We Do Social: Harnessing The Power Of Social Media” 3 during the week of April 2nd – 5th. The movement highlights the dangers of social media and demonstrates ways it can be used responsibly. Drawing on my own experiences of being bullied while growing up, I want to inspire and positively impact those around me. I feel it is imperative to educate youth on the impacts of social media, both positive and negative. The movement boasts a broad platform, connecting with students of all ages, from elementary schools to Universities. As a passionate public speaker, I try to connect with every audience on a personal level. And, as an agent of unity and peace, I believe that only true connection will heal our society.


I am contacting your organization with the hopes that our efforts align with your mission to support mental health awareness through our unique development of programs in this approach to address an under-served area of mental health. Any financial assistance would be greatly appreciated. We have an immediate need for both travel and lodging arrangements for the conference in April, the development of the foundation website, the continuing development of the curriculum application and the support services for the online training web portal.


Thank you for your time, and also your efforts in providing support to other organizations promoting mental health.

Jonathan N. Bertrand, Founder