Social Media Awareness

The purpose of Social Media Awareness, is to promote social media responsibility. Providing a global platform for those who are in need of understanding on the impacts of social media from an educational perspective.

Email: Contact@TheGlobalTouchFoundation.org


Providing Educational Platform for users of Social Media Impacted by the negatives and showing the positive for a better Social Media Experience.

Support Group

The Global Touch Foundation, is Partnering with Social Media Compliance Group LLC, To create a online platform  for those in need of support with various issues such as depression and dealing with negative comments that may trigger negative results.

Medical - Research

The Global Touch Foundation, is working closely with Social Media Compliance Group to develop research for Social Media Dependency Disorder. This disorder is the leading cause of dependency among the newer generation and looks to partner with major companies in the near future.

Podcast: The Social Networking Effect - Mental Health News Radio